Recover From Rain and Flooding

Recover From Rain and Flooding

Renew your home with water damage restoration in the Miramar, Hollywood, FL area

After a storm, your house might be a sorry sight. It doesn't have to look that way for long. Reach out to Aqua Express Restoration for water damage restoration. We'll inspect your home and inform you about where the majority of the damage is.

We'll also review your insurance policy and explain the charges to you. Our experts consult with you to figure out what damage is covered under your policy.

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Start water damage repair before it's too late

Water damage repair isn't just about fixing structural damage or drying the carpets. Within 24 hours of sustaining water damage, surfaces will start to grow mold. We try to mitigate that mold growth by attacking the issue early on.

We'll put antimicrobials down to disinfect the area so you won't have to worry about bacteria. The last thing your home needs is a mold infestation.

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